Welcome Home! – again!!

We are making it official – we are moving into Celtic – for the 2nd time!

The first time we moved into this house was in September 2007, when we bought it as our first home and moved to Texas.  After living in the house for 9 months and not taking much time to personalize and make it a “home”, I began training for deployment and never returned to it.  Reason being – while I was gone, Tim began his real estate investing business and owner financed it out prior to my return.

Since returning from Iraq, I have lived in many houses, stayed in various locations and with different people – to include with friends and at my mom’s.  All this time, Tim had been living in San Antonio so we were not living together 90% of the time.

Lucky for us, our home on Celtic was returned to us after the family who purchased could no longer afford to keep it.  We immediately moved back in and began cleaning/fixing it up.  Although we didn’t plan to stay here long term, we still made some renovation decisions with the mindset that we WERE staying, in order to justify getting some of the nicer items, such as plush new carpet for the entire second floor and master bedroom down.

While staying in the house over the past 5 months, I continued to hunt for our “perfect” home in Austin, as we still planned to move.  Then one day last month we thought we had found OUR home!  We put it under contract, made negotiations and were moving through the process.  When the day came that I found out my job might not continue after the next month, 2 things happened.  One – we knew our financing would fall through; two – we were already living in a really AWESOME house!

Tim and I spent hours talking that night and made the conscious decision that we were going to stay in OUR home!  Once we did that, we really began to realize that although this home does not have EVERYTHING we want, it does have many of those things and we are excited to make this house a HOME for the first time!

So we officially took the FOR SALE BY OWNER sign out of the yard yesterday – WOOHOO!

The list of to-do items is growing – EXCITING!

We are home; and so is she 🙂


About turtlesandstrawberrywine

Just another girl living in Texas, trying to make the most out of life with my husband and pups!
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2 Responses to Welcome Home! – again!!

  1. P HIll says:

    Glad you are back to that house. It sure is beautiful!

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