FINALLY found my “perfect” coffee table!

You all know I love my CL and it has served me well again!

I have been searching for MONTHS (maybe a year??) to find my perfect coffee table.  Ever since I saw the Hyde turned leg coffee table by Pottery Barn, I knew what I wanted.

Natural pine finish, hopefully turned legs, and tall enough for laptop use (since we don’t have TV and use them for movie/tv watching).  However, even though this is one of PB’s cheapest coffee tables at $400 (even $300 at the outlet) I knew I couldn’t stomach spending that much and KNEW I could find something that suited me elsewhere.

So I’m pretty persistent with my CL shopping.  I’ve learned to use key words to help me find exactly what I want.  I also have the advantage of two large markets to shop from, San Antonio and Austin.  I knew eventually my patience would pay off as I searched “pine table” just about every day.

Well, it DID pay off this past week as I found what I thought might be “the one”.  I spoke with the seller, the table was still available – yay!  Unfortunately, we had to make a little trip to San Antonio for some other important house business (to be discussed later!) so I had to hold off looking at it.

A little off topic (don’t worry, I’ll come back) – traffic in Austin can be CRAZY!  This not only effects commuting to and from work – it also effects CL transactions!  This particular table was located in SW Austin; we live in NE Austin.  See how this could be an issue and a headache??  Lucky for me, I had the day off and was able to coordinate a viewing/pick-up in the middle of the day when traffic is light – yippee!

So after stopping by an ATM for some moola – I made it to the house.  She had already moved the table into the house from the garage and it was ready for me to see.  She gave me a little background: purchased from an antique store, made from reclaimed wood and she hated to give up the piece but had moved on to a (what I would say much inferior) faux leather ottoman.

Although definitely used and slightly wobbly, but 19″ tall, the perfect color and for a $75 asking price, I knew I wanted to give it a shot.  Very seldom do I NOT try to haggle with people so I offered $60.  She said, “Will you give me $65?”  I said “SOLD!!”  Not really, but I said I would take it and out to our very convenient Honda Fit it went!

When I got home, Tim was busy with a business partner and couldn’t immediately help me bring it in.  I couldn’t wait FOREVER though and finally asked for his help.  🙂

As soon as I moved the old table out of the way (one we purchased for $15 off CL a couple years ago), I KNEW I done good.  😛


Oh yes, I have yet to mention I already own one piece of the actual Hyde collection – the end table!  No, I didn’t pay full price for this item, $200- yeah right!  I got it a while back at the PB Outlet for about $100 – love that place!  The crazy part is I still spent more on that end table than I did on my new coffee table!

Even though they aren’t EXACTLY the same, pretty good considering the deal I got, right?  I think so, and I love some of the detail on this table, such as the 3 lines on each leg, plus that it isn’t perfect so we don’t mind putting our feet up on it 🙂

Plus they the two don’t sit next to one another so who would even notice the difference??  See my family posing- aren’t they cute??

So here’s to my newest CL find and finally checking “coffee table” off my list of items to find!  I’m sure another item will quickly take its place on the list 😉


About turtlesandstrawberrywine

Just another girl living in Texas, trying to make the most out of life with my husband and pups!
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One Response to FINALLY found my “perfect” coffee table!

  1. Tim says:

    You didn’t know you were buying Charlie a fort when you got that table! I really like it too and glad we can put our feet on it. Always impressed with your CL finds! Thank you for making our home nice and comfortable!

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