Just let go!


I’ve spent the last month or so eating like my husband and I lost 10 lbs doing it.

Most people act/seem surprised when I tell them I have weight to lose.  Are they just being nice or do they truly not see the extra weight around my lower half?  Either way, I still knew it needed to come off and I knew what I needed to do.  I needed to LET GO!

The background for my scenario – over the majority of the last 10 years, I have been about the same weight.  How do I know this?  I can look at old APFT and medical records from when I joined the military back in 2001 and my weight was about that same.  That was until I got deployed.  My weight in the spring of 2009 was my worst and I knew it when I met Tim in Greece for R&R and the civilian clothes he brought for me where tight.

Coming back home, I almost immediately lost a few pounds, just by falling back into a healthy eating cycle with Tim.  However, I always felt that little extra lingering and wondered if I really COULD fall below that next threshold, one that I hadn’t seen since before I joined the military, before I put on those extra pounds my freshman year of college.

Honestly, I just wasn’t that motivated.  I saw Tim eating right and I did for the most part, also, but I was still holding on to those things I knew I shouldn’t be eating every day of the week.  I wasn’t ready to let go…. until recently.

Don’t ask me what happened because I can’t really say.  All I remember is that I decided to do it.  I let go and just started eating what Tim eats.  He does a combination of the paleo diet concept and the Slow Carb diet.

It is much easier for me to say what we do eat than what we don’t eat.  What do we eat?

  • Breakfast – Raw meal replacement (sometimes later in the day but usually one per day)
  • Lean meats – chicken, tilapia, salmon, lean ground beef, lean cuts of beef  (free range/grass fed or the best you can get)
  • Fresh vegetables – specifically whole carrots, sugar snap peas, green beans, broccoli, spinach
  • Frozen vegetables (we buy the really BIG bags)
  • Plain pecans, walnuts and almonds (Lunch/Snacks)
  • Almond butter (more Tim than me)
  • Eggs – both whole and just the whites (from a carton)
  • Raw sauerkraut
  • Salsa
  • Some beans but only occasionally – they are not a staple in our diet
  • Hot tea with honey
  • Coffee


I usually have my shake in the morning after PT (exercising), snack on carrots/veges and nuts throughout the day, then have a dinner of meat with some frozen vegetables mixed in along with a little bit of spice or salsa.

Now don’t think we live without treats.  Tim is religious about taking a 24 hour cheat day once a week.  He starts Friday night and continues through Saturday.  During this time, he splurges on the ice cream and chocolate chip cookies he didn’t eat all week.  I do this also, but don’t get AS crazy.  I try not to go all out because I may have a small cheat “item” during the week that I need to account for.

You don’t have to let go of the items you love ALL the time, just focus on good foods most of the week.  The bad stuff will always be there.

Also, eating should NOT be about what tastes good ALL the time!  Food is fuel for your body, you should give it what it needs.  Tim and I feel BETTER eating like we do.  After cheat day, we feel better going back to the “healthy” foods.  For me, I like NOT feeling bloated and gross.

I want everyone to know that I have NOT increased my exercise.  I usually work out about 3 times a week, with weight lifting on one of those days and cardio on all. I’m not the best about this either because schedules change, work locations change, etc, so some weeks are better than others.  The thing to remember is you don’t have worry about busting your butt working out if you aren’t consuming a ton of calories!  Honestly, my knees love me more when I’m doing what I’m doing (plus I’m taking some of the weight off them!)

I’m open to feedback/questions!


About turtlesandstrawberrywine

Just another girl living in Texas, trying to make the most out of life with my husband and pups!
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2 Responses to Just let go!

  1. christina says:

    Good for you Kim! I may have to give this a try…ive been carrying half my ”baby weight” for 3 yrs now! Lol. Its time to get it off for good. I miss my pre baby bod…

    • Hey Girl! You can do it! I was amazed at how quickly my legs and rear end transformed (which is where I hold my weight). All my shorts and skirts are fitting loose or so much better! A clean diet feels so good and you WILL see results without trying to make a bunch of extra time to work out – with a young one none the less! It is easier to focus on what you WILL eat rather than what you are not. Wrap your mind around it and know you really are “treating” your body by putting good things into it. You are not treating your BODY by eating crap, only your MIND! Use other things in your life to make you happy, not FOOD! I will help from a distance if you want, it always helps to have support out there, no matter if they are a half a country away!

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