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Just another girl living in Texas, trying to make the most out of life with my husband and pups!

More diet notes…

Immediately the title of this post makes me want to address the word “diet”.  It isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle.  You have to find what works for you or you won’t stick to it.  What works for me, … Continue reading

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Just let go!

JUST LET GO OF THE FOOD YOU KNOW IS BAD FOR YOU! I’ve spent the last month or so eating like my husband and I lost 10 lbs doing it. Most people act/seem surprised when I tell them I have … Continue reading

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Ladies of the Cloth

I’ve learned that when my mom and her sisters get together, things can get pretty crazy… Usually that just consists of random trips to sewing shops, eating amazing food cooked by Carol and lots of laughs. Well, the latest trip … Continue reading

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FINALLY found my “perfect” coffee table!

You all know I love my CL and it has served me well again! I have been searching for MONTHS (maybe a year??) to find my perfect coffee table.  Ever since I saw the Hyde turned leg coffee table by … Continue reading

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Welcome Home! – again!!

We are making it official – we are moving into Celtic – for the 2nd time! The first time we moved into this house was in September 2007, when we bought it as our first home and moved to Texas. … Continue reading

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Following a diet is tough!

I gotta be honest, I used to think I had good self-control when it came to eating habits.  I generally try to eat healthy and make good decisions, having done this for years after being taught how to read labels … Continue reading

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Swallowing me whole!

Sorry for the lapse in time between posts.  So what has happened…. I finished Level 1 Combatives Certification so that is pretty cool!  Made it through the punch drill and everything 🙂  I’m not big into fighting but once we … Continue reading

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